descriptionPerl object model for generating PGF/TikZ code.
ownerVincent Pit
last changeThu, 23 Apr 2015 02:00:45 +0000 (23:00 -0300)
2015-04-23 Vincent PitThis is 0.03 master v0.03
2015-04-23 Vincent PitAdd BUILD_REQUIRES to WriteMakefile()
2015-04-22 Vincent PitAlso document ->path alongside ->union
2015-04-22 Vincent PitFix typo in ->union documentation
2015-04-22 Vincent PitMake sure POD headings are linkable
2015-04-22 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2015-04-22 Vincent PitAlso define a default functor rule for the new Polyline
2015-04-22 Vincent PitDon't overwrite an ancestor functor rule
2015-04-22 Vincent PitReinstate the 'closed' parameter for Polyline
2015-04-22 Vincent PitAdd a backward compatible Tikz->path keyword
2015-04-22 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 2a6ac0f1
2015-04-22 Vincent PitJust use Mouse instead of Any::Moose
2013-08-24 Vincent PitRemove obsolete kwalitee workarounds
2013-08-23 Vincent PitRemove trailing whitespace
2013-08-22 Vincent PitQuote version numbers in Makefile.PL
2013-08-22 Vincent PitEncode the README file in UTF-8
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