descriptionA Perl extension for installing subroutines as opcodes.
ownerVincent Pit
last changeSat, 24 Aug 2013 22:06:15 +0000
2013-08-24 Vincent Pit Switch qw delimiters to <> master
2013-08-24 Vincent Pit Explicitely state that C++ compilers aren't supported
2013-08-24 Vincent Pit Remove obsolete kwalitee workarounds
2013-08-23 Vincent Pit POD verbatim paragraphs should fit into a terminal
2013-08-23 Vincent Pit Make sure the POD headings are linkable
2013-08-22 Vincent Pit Replace check functions in a thread-safe way
2013-08-22 Vincent Pit Quote version numbers in Makefile.PL
2013-08-22 Vincent Pit Encode the README file in UTF-8
2013-08-20 Vincent Pit Stop bundling author tests
2013-08-07 Vincent Pit Remove lvalue uses of GvCV()
2013-08-07 Vincent Pit Update author tests
2013-08-07 Vincent Pit Sort MANIFEST
2013-08-07 Vincent Pit Ignore MYMETA files
2013-08-07 Vincent Pit Update the bug tracker URL in META after the rt.perl...
2013-08-06 Vincent Pit Get rid of t/99-kwalitee.t
2010-04-23 Vincent Pit Factor the string duplication logic into a new so_strndup
4 years ago v0.02 Version 0.02
4 years ago v0.01 Version 0.01
10 months ago master