Only define su_cxt_enter_count when XSH_DEBUG is set
[perl/modules/Scope-Upper.git] / Upper.xs
2016-06-06 Vincent PitOnly define su_cxt_enter_count when XSH_DEBUG is set
2016-06-06 Vincent PitRemove a couple of unused variable
2016-06-06 Vincent PitPrevent a future possible declaration-after-code error
2016-06-06 Vincent PitActually restore old_cop in su_localize()
2016-05-30 Vincent PitAlways define SU_HAS_NEW_CXT
2016-05-30 Vincent PitMinor whitespace changes
2016-05-30 David Mitchelleliminate CX_ARGARRAY() and CX_ARGARRAY_set()
2016-05-30 David Mitchellfix uplevel() under 5.23.8+
2016-05-30 David Mitchellsu_uplevel: populate lower stack frames properly
2016-05-30 David Mitchellfix unwind()
2016-05-30 David Mitchellget su_init/su_pop working under 5.23.8
2016-05-30 David MitchellSome basic 5.23.8 fixes
2015-11-09 Vincent PitFix off-by-one error in su_uplevel_ud->si initialization
2015-11-04 Vincent PitThe Big Boilerplate Factorization
2015-08-18 Vincent PitDon't hardcode the length of NEGATIVE_INDICES_VAR
2015-08-18 Vincent PitOnly dump debug info when $Scope::Upper::DEBUG is true
2015-08-18 Vincent PitFactor a part of the debugging logic into an helper...
2015-08-18 Vincent PitAdd braces around a condition block
2015-08-18 Vincent PitAdd a comment in the initializing loop in su_init()
2015-08-03 Vincent PitAdd some comments to the mysterious su_init()/su_pop()
2015-08-03 Vincent PitRemove one level of indirection in the UID internal...
2015-08-03 Vincent PitAlso warn when SUB() and EVAL() cannot find an appropri...
2015-08-03 Vincent PitWarn when the words target a context outside of the... rt104751
2015-08-03 Vincent PitStop copying the reap-ed coderef
2015-08-03 Vincent PitRemove some extraneous SU_UD_ORIGIN(ud) initializations
2015-08-03 Vincent PitRevamp the different su_ud_* subtypes
2015-08-03 Vincent PitReplace the su_handler[] dispatch table by a switch
2015-07-24 Vincent PitRefactor the su_ud_common structure
2015-07-24 Vincent PitGreatly simplify the depth computation in su_init()
2015-07-22 Vincent PitGive a proper definition of SU_CXNAME() for non DEBUGGI...
2015-07-22 Vincent PitRewrite the origin initialization loop in su_init()
2015-06-24 Vincent PitSilence a 'shadowing' warning
2015-03-31 Vincent PitAdd a missing volatile qualifier
2015-03-27 Vincent PitAlso preserve PL_scopestack[cx->blk_oldscopesp - 1...
2015-03-27 Vincent PitPreserve PL_scopestack[cx->blk_oldscopesp - 1] in su_pop()
2015-03-24 Vincent PitDon't compile su_uplevel_storage_delete() before perl...
2015-03-19 Vincent PitRelease UID global memory at global teardown time
2015-03-19 Vincent PitRevamp the setup boot logic
2015-03-19 Vincent PitSilence an "unused label" compiler warning
2015-03-19 Vincent PitReplace STATIC by static
2015-03-19 Vincent PitFix a memory leak with the uid() feature
2015-02-06 Father ChrysostomosDon’t use CvPADLIST on XSUBs rt100264
2015-02-06 Vincent PitRemove an unused variable declaration
2015-02-06 Vincent PitReally be compatible with the OP_PARENT feature
2014-09-20 Vincent PitWork around an assertion failure in perl 5.21.4
2014-09-20 Vincent PitAdd support for PERL_OP_PARENT
2013-09-09 Vincent PitPreserve lexicals across dounwind() calls on perl 5...
2013-01-04 Vincent Pitcontext_info() should ignore %warnings::Bits until...
2012-09-21 Vincent PitRemove an extra ;
2012-09-20 Vincent PitFix context_info() warnings field for perl 5.17.4
2012-09-20 Vincent PitReformat the section of context_info() that extracts...
2012-09-17 Vincent PitImplement context_info()
2012-09-16 Vincent PitFix debugger compatibility with perl 5.17.1 and above
2012-09-14 Vincent PitFix spelling in a couple of new error messages
2012-09-14 Vincent PitImplement leave()
2012-09-14 Vincent PitMove PL_stack_sp/items adjustments from su_unwind/su_yi...
2012-09-14 Vincent PitImplement yield()
2012-09-13 Vincent PitNormalize words
2012-09-13 Vincent PitSilence a couple of warnings reported by gcc
2012-09-13 Vincent PitRevamp the logic used for skipping debugger frames
2012-09-13 Vincent PitFix and test UP and SCOPE crossing loop/subst/given...
2012-09-09 Vincent PitMove the fallback OP_GIMME_REVERSE() up to the compat...
2012-09-08 Vincent PitMake SU_CXNAME take the context as argument
2012-09-07 Father ChrysostomosFix building with the newest version of 5.17.4
2012-08-22 Vincent PitFix build with the new PADLIST API from 5.17.4 rt79182
2012-08-22 Vincent PitEnable the "save last context" workaround more selectively
2011-11-11 Vincent PitRename sud->new_uid_storage to sud->tmp_uid_storage
2011-11-11 Vincent PitPack uplevel()'s internal data structure more tightly
2011-10-10 Vincent PitImplement uid() and validate_uid()
2011-10-08 Vincent PitDon't rely on accessing the values of Perl_runops_...
2011-10-02 Vincent PitFix goto &xsub in uplevel
2011-09-23 Vincent PitFix uplevel() recalling into an XSUB
2011-09-19 Vincent PitRemove trailing whitespace
2011-09-19 Vincent PitFix calling goto to replace an uplevel'd subroutine...
2011-09-19 Vincent PitCreate the renamed CV as a shallow copy of the original one
2011-09-13 Vincent PitDon't rely on being able to access the old context...
2011-09-13 Vincent PitRename some variables and struct members around su_uple...
2011-09-13 Vincent PitIn su_cv_clone(), add stash->cloned_cv backrefs on...
2011-09-13 Vincent PitInline Perl_cv_clone() and Perl_new_pad() rt71212
2011-09-13 Vincent PitActivate the correct pad when calling the uplevel'd...
2011-09-09 Vincent PitReorder some code in su_uplevel()
2011-09-07 Vincent PitMake sure the stack is large enough when returning...
2011-09-05 Vincent PitSilence some compiler warnings
2011-09-04 Vincent PitMove the unwind()-related members of the global context...
2011-09-04 Vincent PitAbstract the uplevel storage logic in two new functions
2011-09-04 Vincent PitTweak some comments in the uplevel() code
2011-09-04 Vincent PitDon't grow the fake cxstack if it's already large enough
2011-09-03 Vincent PitSilence some "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar"...
2011-09-03 Vincent PitImplement uplevel()
2011-02-28 Vincent PitInvalidate the method cache when localizing subroutines
2011-02-26 Vincent PitCompatibility fix for perl 5.13.10 rt64997
2011-01-05 Vincent PitPreemptively remove uses of lvalue GvCV
2010-12-20 Vincent PitCompatibility fix for perl 5.13.8 rt63378
2010-12-20 Vincent PitFix stack corruption when using unwind() under Devel... rt61904
2010-05-19 Vincent PitFix for the official 5.13.0 release
2010-05-18 Vincent PitSwap the ud and cxix arguments of su_init()
2010-05-18 Vincent PitStop leaking SVs when trying to localize an element...
2010-05-18 Vincent PitUse a PPCODE: section in CLONE
2010-05-18 Vincent PitMake su_ud_localize_init() return the required slot...
2010-05-18 Vincent PitSave a mock pointer as the placeholder instead of an int