2008-12-30 Vincent PitAdd slice syntax to localize_{elem,delete} slice
2008-12-30 Vincent PitMove the save_{a,h}elem logic from su_localize to su_sa...
2008-12-29 Vincent PitBetter doc for localized_delete
2008-12-29 Vincent PitAdd localize_delete()
2008-12-29 Vincent PitFactor all the LEAVE/ENTER logic in su_init()
2008-12-29 Vincent PitSkip two croaking tests on 5.6
2008-12-29 Vincent PitPrefer STMT_{START,END} over do/while(0)
2008-12-28 Vincent PitThis is 0.02 v0.02
2008-12-28 Vincent PitDon't let coverage be distracted by such pesky trivialities
2008-12-28 Vincent PitTest incompletely tied arrays
2008-12-28 Vincent PitMore tests for localized nonexistent array elements
2008-12-28 Vincent PitReverse preeminent logic in su_save_helem()
2008-12-28 Vincent PitReorder Upper.xs in a cleaner way
2008-12-28 Vincent PitLocalized nonexistant array elements should be deleted...
2008-12-28 Vincent PitSort up su_hv_preeminent() a bit
2008-12-27 Vincent PitWe also depend on Exporter
2008-12-27 Vincent PitPoint to coverage report
2008-12-27 Vincent PitThis module has caveats, so explain them
2008-12-27 Vincent PitBe a little clearer on how localize() handle sigils
2008-12-27 Vincent PitMore compatibility macros
2008-12-26 Vincent PitImporting Scope-Upper-0.01 v0.01