2015-08-03 Vincent PitWarn when the words target a context outside of the... rt104751
2015-08-03 Vincent PitStop copying the reap-ed coderef
2015-08-03 Vincent PitRemove some extraneous SU_UD_ORIGIN(ud) initializations
2015-08-03 Vincent PitRevamp the different su_ud_* subtypes
2015-08-03 Vincent PitReplace the su_handler[] dispatch table by a switch
2015-07-31 Vincent PitRemove the code coverage link
2015-07-24 Vincent PitRefactor the su_ud_common structure
2015-07-24 Vincent PitGreatly simplify the depth computation in su_init()
2015-07-22 Vincent PitGive a proper definition of SU_CXNAME() for non DEBUGGI...
2015-07-22 Vincent PitRewrite the origin initialization loop in su_init()
2015-06-24 Vincent PitSilence a 'shadowing' warning
2015-04-20 Vincent PitUpdate t/09-load-threads.t
2015-04-20 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 2a6ac0f1
2015-04-20 Vincent PitUpdate t/09-load-threads.t
2015-03-31 Vincent PitAdd a missing volatile qualifier
2015-03-31 Vincent PitImprove scheduling for the parallel loading test
2015-03-27 Vincent PitThis is 0.27 v0.27
2015-03-27 Vincent PitDocument that we can no longer die from uplevel in...
2015-03-27 Vincent PitAlso preserve PL_scopestack[cx->blk_oldscopesp - 1...
2015-03-27 Vincent PitCorrectly use $TEST_VERBOSE in the testdeb target
2015-03-27 Vincent PitPreserve PL_scopestack[cx->blk_oldscopesp - 1] in su_pop()
2015-03-24 Vincent PitAdd POSIX to build requires
2015-03-24 Vincent PitUpdate the ActivePerl/gcc-3.4 hack for EUMM 7.04
2015-03-24 Vincent PitDon't compile su_uplevel_storage_delete() before perl...
2015-03-24 Vincent PitProtect t/09-load-threads.t against old relocated perls
2015-03-24 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 4eeb5afc
2015-03-24 Vincent PitAlso test that the module can be loaded in the main...
2015-03-24 Vincent PitIn t/09-load-threads.t, handle spawn() failures gracefully
2015-03-23 Vincent PitThoroughly test module loading in threads
2015-03-23 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 6ca15279
2015-03-19 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 6cd68168
2015-03-19 Vincent PitRelease UID global memory at global teardown time
2015-03-19 Vincent PitRevamp the setup boot logic
2015-03-19 Vincent PitSilence an "unused label" compiler warning
2015-03-19 Vincent PitReplace STATIC by static
2015-03-19 Vincent PitFix a memory leak with the uid() feature
2015-03-12 Vincent PitThis is 0.26 v0.26
2015-03-12 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2015-03-12 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 3c878c7c
2015-02-06 Father ChrysostomosDon’t use CvPADLIST on XSUBs rt100264
2015-02-06 Vincent PitRemove an unused variable declaration
2015-02-06 Vincent PitReally be compatible with the OP_PARENT feature
2014-09-21 Vincent PitThis is 0.25 v0.25
2014-09-21 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to 4fb18792
2014-09-21 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2014-09-20 Vincent PitWork around an assertion failure in perl 5.21.4
2014-09-20 Vincent PitAdd support for PERL_OP_PARENT
2013-09-10 Vincent PitThis is 0.24 v0.24
2013-09-09 Vincent PitPreserve lexicals across dounwind() calls on perl 5...
2013-09-02 Vincent PitThis is 0.23 v0.23
2013-09-02 Vincent PitStyle nits
2013-09-02 Andrew MainAdjust t/07-context_info.t for perl 5.19.3 rt88177
2013-08-24 Vincent PitUpdate bundled Test::Leaner to 0.05
2013-08-24 Vincent PitEnforce the perl dependency in the module file
2013-08-24 Vincent PitMake Perl version numbers more readable
2013-08-24 Vincent PitRemove obsolete kwalitee workarounds
2013-08-23 Vincent PitNo tabs please
2013-08-20 Vincent PitStop bundling author tests
2013-08-14 Vincent PitSilence experimental warnings on perl 5.17.11+ for... rt88174
2013-08-07 Vincent PitTypos in POD rt87178
2013-08-07 Vincent PitUpdate the bug tracker URL in META after the rt.perl...
2013-08-06 Vincent PitGet rid of t/99-kwalitee.t
2013-01-30 Vincent PitThis is 0.22 v0.22
2013-01-30 Vincent PitBump copyright year
2013-01-30 Vincent PitUpdate VPIT::TestHelpers to e8344578
2013-01-04 Vincent Pitcontext_info() should ignore %warnings::Bits until...
2013-01-04 Vincent PitCorrect the top warnings mask for 5.6 in t/07-context_i...
2013-01-04 Vincent PitRequire perl 5.6.1
2013-01-02 Vincent PitAlso skip the uplevel across eval/local $@ test on...
2013-01-02 Vincent PitSkip 'yield to subst context' tests on perl 5.8 and...
2012-11-02 Vincent PitDon't run the POD spelling test in taint mode
2012-11-02 Vincent PitAdd Config to build_requires
2012-09-21 Vincent PitThis is 0.21 v0.21
2012-09-21 Vincent PitRemove an extra ;
2012-09-21 Vincent PitForce linking against the perl dll when using gcc 3...
2012-09-21 Vincent PitMake t/07-context_info.t pass with perls that have...
2012-09-20 Vincent PitFix context_info() warnings field for perl 5.17.4
2012-09-20 Vincent PitReformat the section of context_info() that extracts...
2012-09-20 Vincent PitMinor POD tweaks
2012-09-17 Vincent PitThis is 0.20 v0.20
2012-09-17 Vincent PitImplement context_info()
2012-09-16 Vincent PitSmall POD fixup
2012-09-16 Vincent PitFix debugger compatibility with perl 5.17.1 and above
2012-09-14 Vincent PitTest 'return from do' in special cases
2012-09-14 Vincent PitFix spelling in a couple of new error messages
2012-09-14 Vincent PitImplement leave()
2012-09-14 Vincent PitMove PL_stack_sp/items adjustments from su_unwind/su_yi...
2012-09-14 Vincent PitExplicitely require a C compiler
2012-09-14 Vincent PitImplement yield()
2012-09-13 Vincent PitFix the documentation of the context argument of unwind...
2012-09-13 Vincent PitNormalize words
2012-09-13 Vincent PitBanish (most) eval STRING from t/84-stress-unwind.t
2012-09-13 Vincent PitSilence a couple of warnings reported by gcc
2012-09-13 Vincent PitRevamp the logic used for skipping debugger frames
2012-09-13 Vincent PitFix and test UP and SCOPE crossing loop/subst/given...
2012-09-13 Vincent PitMake t/63-uplevel-ctl.t pass with the debugger enabled
2012-09-13 Vincent PitMake some room in test ordering
2012-09-09 Vincent PitMove the fallback OP_GIMME_REVERSE() up to the compat...
2012-09-09 Vincent PitFactor our verbose is() in Scope::Upper::TestGenerator
2012-09-09 Vincent PitDo less function calls in Scope::Upper::TestGenerator...